Scott Jenson

UX designer

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What would you do, if you weren't working as a designer?
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What design tool do you currently use?
What's your favorite band or artist to listen to while designing?
Your favorite font? :-)
Most sans-serif fonts
Favorite book or movie (non-design related)
Foundation Series
What was your first real/paid design project and when did you make it?
Mac OS 7.0 1988
If you could write something on the loading screen of all design tools, so all designers can see it, what would it be?
Real artists ship
Did you study design, or are you self taught? And how did that path influence your work style?
MS computer science, all design was self taught. That made me always aware of the technical impact of my designs
The biggest innovation in product design right now is...
Cheap, small, wirelessly connected processors
With all the current experience, what would you tell yourself when you were just starting out?
Listen more, you like to argue too much!
What do you think is the biggest problem in the design industry right now and how can it be fixed?
Design programs focus on process too much, students should be doing as many projects as possible to learn how it all works together.