Sam Caron

Strategic brand identity designer

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What would you do, if you weren't working as a designer?
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I would probably work in marketing as I do have the degree for it
What design tool do you currently use?
Everything Adobe. And of course the good old sketchbook and pencil.
What's your favorite band or artist to listen to while designing?
Doesn't really matter as long as I already know the song. it helps me keep my focus on the design.
Your favorite font? :-)
Helvetica Neue for the win.
Favorite book or movie (non-design related)
Movie: Space Jam. Book: Brand Gap
What's your favorite color in hex or RGBa? (gradients are allowed too)
A #6CC2BF to #B56974 gradient
What was your first real/paid design project and when did you make it?
I worked as a designer as an employee for about 7 years but my first design job as a freelancer was a brand identity project for a pasta restaurant. Summer of 2019
If you could write something on the loading screen of all design tools, so all designers can see it, what would it be?
If the loading is taking to long. Press CMD+Q to speed up the process.
Did you study design, or are you self taught? And how did that path influence your work style?
99% of what I know about design is through self study and simply playing around in the adobe programs for years. I don't necessarily have one work style but I do feel like it helped me find my own solutions to the problems I face instead of trying to do it "by the book"
The biggest innovation in product design right now is...
Everything VR or AR I am very fascinated about.
With all the current experience, what would you tell yourself when you were just starting out?
You are better than you think you are. Stop doubting your design skills and start realising your worth. Charge accordingly.
What do you think is the biggest problem in the design industry right now and how can it be fixed?
The biggest problem for designers right now is not having a strategy for their business. They don't have a defined audience they are targeting and spend too much time crafting their skills and not enough marketing or positioning their business.