Mariusz Posadowski

UX Manager at Pekao Bank S.A.

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What would you do, if you weren't working as a designer?
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I would be in NBA.
What design tool do you currently use?
Miro, post-its and MoleskineApp for iPad.
What's your favorite band or artist to listen to while designing?
I like designing in silence.
Your favorite font? :-)
Big enough so I can easily read the content :)
Favorite book or movie (non-design related)
The Last Dance
What was your first real/paid design project and when did you make it?
Wealth Management App, 2015
If you could write something on the loading screen of all design tools, so all designers can see it, what would it be?
Remember, design for users, not stakeholders.
Did you study design, or are you self taught? And how did that path influence your work style?
I finished 1 year post-graduate UX design study. It gave me a lot because I had great mentors with a lot of experience in UX.
The biggest innovation in product design right now is...
The way workshops help with communication between people. Let me explain: I don’t believe that we should put on a pedestal any technology. We should care about our ideas and decisions that will help use technology as a solution to humans’ problems.
With all the current experience, what would you tell yourself when you were just starting out?
Find a mentor and do 1-on-1 meetings at least once a month.
What do you think is the biggest problem in the design industry right now and how can it be fixed?
There are too many places where designers don’t have managers who knows how to create a good workspace for designers. The answer is: hire UX managers or DesignOps and put them in the highest position (hierarchical) in the company you can.
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What do you think about Google starting their own UX Course? Do certificates like this look convincing if you ever planned to hire a junior designer?
As a manager, I don’t know the quality of most of the courses, so I don’t make decision based on this. It’s maybe +5% for the candidate. The most important is design mindset, humility, willingness to learn and at least 1 good project with documented research and a one iteration of the product.
What’s your favorite non-design activity?
How can people learn design better? What should they focus on the most?
I highly recommend to try to do a start-up or a small business idea. It taught me more than any other project. Investing your own money will show you how it changes your mindset and decisions.